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12V DC-DC Battery charger with Bluetooth, Free APP and Meter,Automatic smart B2B charger,Battery to Battery

B2B1260: 12V/60A

B2B1230: 12V/30A

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1.What is DC to DC charger

  DC to DC Chargers charges your RV house battery with the power coming from your

vehicle's alternator, which generates energy to feed the vehicle's electrical system

and charges the starter battery (also known as a CCA battery - Cold Cranking Amps) as

you drive down the road.

2.Do I really need a DC DC converter?

   Why do I need a DC DC converter? In a nutshell, your DC DC converter will charge your

auxiliary battery faster, to a far greater level and safely regardless of your

vehicle's alternator type. ... If you have or are considering a lithium battery, then

you absolutely have to run a DC DC converter

3.Do you need a DC DC regulator for AGM battery?

   For lead-acid deep cycle batteries such as AGM or Gel, you need a charger with an Amp

output of 10-20% of the battery capacity. For example, a 100Ah AGM Battery should have

at least a 20Amp DC DC regulator. For Lithium batteries, the charging output should be

at least 30% of the battery capacity.

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