12V/24V, 10A MPPT solar controller, with load output function, external LCD Monitor and Bluetooth Dongle, APP display function


MPPT5010: 10A

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MPPT5010 User Manual.pdf

1.How big of a solar charge controller do I need?

   What Size Charge Controller do I Need? Take the number of solar panels x watts to get the total watts of the solar array. You then divide it by the voltage of your battery bank to get amps, add 25% to allow for cold temperatures and as always, round up.

2.Which is better MPPT or PWM?

   MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. ... The main difference between PWM and MPPT charge control devices is that the MPPT devices are more efficient. MPPT solar regulator devices have 30 % more efficient in charge efficiency according to PWM type. Panel voltage and battery voltage should be matched in PWM systems.

3.Can a PWM solar charge controller charge a lithium battery?

   PWM solar charge controller uses the following sequence to charge the battery - bulk, absorption and float voltages. But Li-ion battery requires the following sequence in its charging cycle: (i) first constant current charging; (ii) constant voltage charging. It is possible if the battery has its own BMS.

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