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solar inverter with charger
Input voltage: DC24V

Output voltage: AC220V/50HZ

Output power:   600W

Build-in charge controller: 20A
Application :

1. Load type: air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, computer, TV

2. Lack of electricity

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1.  inductive load like refrigerator, washing machine, electric drill are well applicable.
2. stand-by comsumption only need 0.3W
3. Input voltage: 12V or 24V be option
4. safety protection device and voice alarm
5. Battery optimization function, make your battery more durable.

Acoustic indicator

The pure sine wave inverter GPI inverter has on an accoustic indicator for the following cases:

Ÿ *Overheat: The acoustic indicator beeps 3℃ before cutting the voltage. Reduce the consumption in order to lower the inverter
 temperature and to avoid the output voltage is cut off
Ÿ *Low battery coltage: The indicator beeps for a minute before the interruption. Reduce the consumption in order to get the battery voltage
 rise and to avoid that the output voltage is cut off
Ÿ *continuous beep for two seconds
Ÿ *you have pushed the ON/OFF switch to restart the inverter. The output voltage will be immediately present after the acoustic signal. The
 acoustic warning can be deactivated

Alarm by voltage flickering

when the acoustic indicator is deactivated or when the inverter is out of hearing,it can be useful to be warned of an imminent inverter stop due to an “overheat” or a “battery undervoltage”, if this function is activated ,the ouput voltage will flicker slightly(max.20%), leading to a variation of the lights intensity and therefore indicating the imminent stop of energy supply The user can then choose to reduce his consumption in order to secure the supply to poiority loads(for instance lighting)

Model with stand-by system

The stand by is an energy saving system which trun off the inverter intermittently when no consumer is detected. In this mode the functionning
indicator( green LED2) blinks, showing the intermittent presence of the voltage
The detection threshold is set by default at 5W
NOTE: In this mode the output voltage is intermittently present at the output!

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