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  • Tel:0086-755-29533796
  • E-mail:Kelly@olys-digital.com
  • Skype:kellyrosa1982
  • www:www.olyssolar.com
  • Address:5 floor, B building of Sheng De Industrial Park,Lang Kou, Da Lang, Long Hua New district, Shenzhen City, China

Top sale solar kits in China

Solar kits is not only environmentally friendly, but also to save money and make money, as many families essential supplies. Photovoltaic power generation design life of 25 years, ...
Release date:2018-01-26 More+

Off-grid Emergency Solar kits diy

My favorite thing about this off-grid Emergency Solar power kits diy with FM/AM radio is that it has 2 different ways to charge it: cables and solar. I tried all two ways, and they...
Release date:2018-01-25 More+

Solar kits --OLYS solar kits manufacture

The Solar kits olys cell power generation system that converts solar radiation into electrical energy is called a solar photovoltaic power generation system, also called a solar ce...
Release date:2018-01-24 More+

Portable solar kits generator

Having a portable solar kits power generator kits is a must have if you’re an avid camper and outdoor person, or there is lack of power in your area, in your home , you garden , yo...
Release date:2018-01-23 More+