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The Differents Between Solar Light Controller and Solar System Controller

Both solar street lamps and off-grid systems require a solar controller,because the solar charge controller can protect battaries and prevent the battery overcharging or over disch...
Release date:2019-10-10 More+

Analyzing Solar Light Controller's Function

The continuous popularization of solar street lamps brings great convenience to everyone.Solar street lamps generally consist of solar panels, solar light controllers, batteries, a...
Release date:2019-10-09 More+

How to Repair and Replace Solar Street Lamp Controller

The damage of solar street lamp mainly includes several reasons. 1.The battery is damaged. 2.LED damage 3. Controller damage 4. The efficiency of solar panel power generation is re...
Release date:2019-10-07 More+

The Solution of Solar Street Lamp Can Not Work

The newly installed solar street lamp can not normally work within half a year.Repairmen wondered why the solar lamp had such a short lifespan and whether it was broken. I think th...
Release date:2018-11-12 More+