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Home system is selected polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon----Shenzhen OLYS technology

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:4367 Editor in charge:OLYS factory Release date:2017-11-25

After choose solar charge controller ,  many people confused to select polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon. So there are some data give you reference , then you will have answer in your heart.

Select the data of  two sets of polycrystalline and single crystal 5KW power generation installed in May 2010 to comparet:

2010.5~2011.4:single crystal power generation1750KWh, monocrystalline system 1820KWh.

2011.5~2012.4:single crystal power generation1760KWh, monocrystalline system 1800KWh.

2012.5~2013.4:single crystal power generation1820KWh, monocrystalline system 1950KWh

2013.5~2014.4:single crystal power generation1820KWh, monocrystalline system 1860KWh

In conclusion, monocrystalline system power generation is higher than single  crystalline about 1.8~4.6%.

The reason of  single crystalline power generation low :

1.The decay of single crystal cells is not only large but also non-uniform, resulting in mismatch in photovoltaic cell components as well as strings and arrays in photovoltaic power stations, thereby reducing the amount of power generated by single crystal systems.

2.Another possibility is that the initial photodissociation can not be recovered for as long as 6 to 8 years.

In my opinion,  when installing household or street lights off  system, do not hesitate to single crystalline or monocrystalline, small solar panels is the same of they.

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