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Canto Fair Consumption Upgrade to Us What’s Opportunity

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:1769 Editor in charge:solar charge Release date:2017-11-22


The 122nd Autumn Fair in October 15, 2017 ~ 19 had asuccessful ending , and OLYS  absorbedmore from here,  conclusion as below:

   1.With the developmentof China new energy , the popularity of photovoltaic applications , domesticconsumption of the escalating , OLYS trade structure is also a major adjustment,mainly from the export of both internal and external, will be more focused onresearch and development, manufacturing more suitable for world consumers, morein line with the world consumer operating habits of new products.

   2.Enterprises want  to develop, we must continue to productinnovation, so that enterprises have vitality. Product innovation is notnecessarily to develop subversive new products, the improvement of existingproducts to solve customer demand for a small point, it means and existingproducts are very different, you can in a competitive position in a favorableposition, Even occupy a large part of the global market share. Now consumersare also very willing to accept new products and things, which for our continuousresearch and development, to create a steady stream of power. For example, oursolar street light controller, from the original manual adjustment of technicalparameters, to now manual and remote control  at the same time, customers are very willingto accept this new idea.

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