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Application of solar controller in the selection of small off - grid system

Article source:www.olyssolar Popularity:3759 Editor in charge:Shenzhen olys Techno Release date:2017-11-22

Application of solar controller in the selection of small off - grid system

Solar controller in accordance with the technology to points, generally divided into PWM type controller and MPPT type controller, used in the family off-grid small system how to choose, which is a lot of the initial design of off-grid small system engineers must consider the issue. Is selected PWM or MPPT controller, which is the size of solar energy and battery voltage has a great relationship.

一:If the solar panel operating voltage is 18V, power within 200W, the battery voltage is 12V, it is recommended to use PWM type controller. You can use LED display working status of the economic controller, you can also use the LCD display with a general-purpose controller. This will not only save the cost of off-grid small system, but also to achieve all the features.

二:If the solar panel voltage is relatively high, such as 50V or 75V, power, 300W or more, the battery voltage is 12V, the proposed use of MPPT controller. The same power solar panel, the voltage is small on the small current, on the contrary, the voltage is small on the current, which greatly improves the efficiency of charging, the same solar panels, the same sunshine time, MPPT controller than the PWM controller efficiency Increased by about 30%. But the cost is high.

Shenzhen OLYS company limited specializes in the development and manufacture of solar controller, has 12 years of experience, is a core technology with the system integration accessories suppliers.

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