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Shenzhen OLYS company Dongguan sandalwood two-day tour

Article source: Popularity:6072 Editor in charge: Release date:2017-11-22

Shenzhen OLYS company Dongguan sandalwood two-day tour

July 6, 2017, Shenzhen OLYS Company Limited organized employees to trip to Dongguan sandalwood Island, carried out a 2 day outdoor big joy. Enrich the lives of the majority of workers, the unity of everyone's thinking.

Early morning, Everybody consciously gathers , they can not wait to began the activities。

By bus was boring but Lu sir give this trip more interesting use red money and joke

Take the diesel boat, to the sandalwood island, sandalwood surrounded by water, beautiful scenery, is a good place for leisure.

Disembarked, collective photography, record the moments of the moment, when we all log on the island, everyone is filled with happiness.

The game is happy, the victory of the team laugh, lose the team to accept corporal punishment.

The island's lotus leaves fresh and elegant, very beautiful.

2 days and 1 night soon, sunset sprinkle the lake, everything is so quiet, to recover the wild field of mind, tomorrow with more full of enthusiasm to work.

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