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Solar street light controller parameter setting method

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:2052 Editor in charge:olys factory Release date:2017-12-12

Solar light controller to set the parameters of the method Currently on the market there are two kinds of mainstream: the controller comes with the keys and digital display parameters to complete. The other is done by configuring the infrared remote control.

1, Infrared remote control settings intuitive, easy to operate. As long as all the parameters set on the remote control, you can send a key to the specified controller.

2, key + digital tube setting method, you need to set each controller individually, to explain that, set each parameter.

Setting method is more complicated, but in the subsequent maintenance process will be relatively simple and quick, but also watch the working parameters of street lights at any time, if you need to modify, you can not use external tools, you can set directly through the button.

Solar street light controller parameters to be adjusted included.

1, the working mode: pure light control, light control + out of control, real time control (optional), test mode, manual mode.

2, night lighting time: If you choose pure light control, you do not need to set. Some controllers have multi period work mode, each time need to set the time, if not, set to 0 hours.

3, lamp brightness: set the lamp brightness of each working hours. (Note: some controllers can not set the brightness).

4, Street lamp operating current (for non driven LED lights): LED lights with drive, only need to set the working time, do not need to set the working current.

5, delay time (optional)

Below is the operating instructions for Olys's MPPTSL10-LI Lithium-Ion MPPT Street Light Controller

1, the controller connected to the battery, let the controller power. But do not pick up the load. Prior to setting the controller parameters, if the load is connected, the controller default parameters may not be matched. Cause street lamp damage.

2, set the parameters on the remote control, and then aligned to the controller's infrared receiver press "send", hear the "DI" sound, said the success of the transmission, and then pick up the load.

3, remote control battery 2 AA batteries, a long time do not need to remove the battery, otherwise it will consume electricity.

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