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What is the time control solar street light controller

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:1542 Editor in charge:OLYS factory Release date:2017-12-11

What is the time control solar street light controller

There are many kinds of solar street light controller, constant current control one machine, dual time street light controller, pure light control solar street light controller, multi-time street light controller, step-down controller, etc. Today I explain for everyone what is double time Solar street light controller.

Dual-time control, but also our most common most commonly used street lamp controller, refers to the time control can be divided into two periods, such as the light after dark at night, the lights turn on until 11 pm, that there is no pedestrian in the street, this time period Street lights turn off automatically. Another time before dawn there are grocery shopping and sanitation workers to work, you need lighting, this time you can set the light before dawn, such as 2 hours before dawn. This set of purpose, not only to meet the lighting needs, but also save energy.

When setting the dual time period, the first 3 days of the street light may not turn on according to the time period you set, because the solar chip also reads the total duration of the season from dark to dawn (the total duration of winter and summer is not the same) . And then determine the time before dawn light.

Specifications are 10A and 20A. Basic to meet the requirements of built-in drive light source.

OLYS solar street light controller put all, IP68. All the features you need can be customized, you can choose to meet the needs of consumers to make our goal, for the benefit of mankind to our mission.


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