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Solar street light controller four protection modes

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:1548 Editor in charge:olys factory Release date:2017-12-08

The solar  light controller can collect the working status of the photovoltaic system in real time in real time and acquire the working information, and can also accumulate historical data in detail, which provides an accurate and sufficient basis for testing the reliability of the system components. What are the solar controller protection mode?

一:direct charge protection point voltage

Direct charge, also known as rapid charge, is a rapid charge mode, which typically charges the battery with high current and relatively high voltage when the battery voltage is low, however, there is a control point, also called a protection point.

Direct charge protection point voltage is generally "overcharge protection point" voltage, battery terminal voltage charging can not be higher than the protection point, otherwise it will cause overcharge, the battery is damaged.

二: are charged control voltage

After the end of direct charge, the battery will normally be left standing for some time by the controller, allowing the voltage to fall naturally. When falling to the "recovery voltage" value, it will enter the fully charged state.

All charge, that is, "balanced charge." All charge time should not be too long, usually a few minutes to ten minutes, the time is set too long but harmful. For a small system equipped with a two batteries, the charge is meaningless. and so. Solar street light controllers are generally not all charge, only two stages

三:floating charge control voltage

Generally after the charge is completed, the battery will be allowed to stand for some time, so that the voltage drops naturally, when the drop to maintain the voltage "point, it will enter the floating state. Similar to the small current charge, the battery voltage is low Charge a little, so as to avoid the battery temperature continues to rise, which is very good for the battery.

四:overdischarge protection termination voltage

Battery discharge can not be lower than the national standard value. Although the battery manufacturers also have their own protection parameters, but eventually still have to move closer to the national standard.

For safety reasons, the general 12V battery over discharge protection point voltage plus 0.3v as a temperature compensation or control circuit zero drift correction, so 12V battery over discharge protection point voltage is: 11.10v, then over discharge 24V system Protection point voltage is 22.20V.

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