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What are the advantages of solar streetlight controllers?

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:3186 Editor in charge:Shenzhen OLYS Release date:2018-05-03

       Solar street lamp requires long working hours. The quality of solar charge controller determines the service life of the whole system.

       Shenzhen OLYS  Co., Ltd. has an elite technology research and development team, a number of key technologies have been breakthrough.

1. It owns ISO9001, CE, FCC, national solar photovoltaic product quality supervision and inspection center, and has obtained many product patents.  

2. 12V/24V system automatic recognition

3. PWM three-stage charging mode can effectively improve the service life of battery.

4. MPPT( maximum power point tracking technology) can improve charging efficiency as high as 10% and 30%.

5. LCD display, infrared remote

6. A variety of working modes, widely used in various areas, automatic identification of day and night.

7. Application of lead acid and lithium batteries

8. Temperature  compensation

9. Automatic protection function of overcharge, overdischarge, overload, overtemperature and short circuit.  

       The traditional street lamp can not meet the demand of energy saving and environmental protection, and begin to slowly withdraw from the market, and the advantages of the solar energy street lamp is precisely the disadvantage of the traditional street lamp, solar  street lamp has become one of the most popular lighting system of the times.

Source: SHENZHEN OLYS COMPANY LIMITED,http://www.olyssolar.com.