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What Are the MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:256 Editor in charge:OLYS Release date:2020-02-05

       The MPPTcontroller is a more sophisticated technology in that it willmeasure the VMP (Voltage at Maximum Power) of the panel and then down-convert it to the batteryvoltage.Anotheradvantage is the reduced power loss, the voltage running through the cables ishigher, this converts the excess into additionalAmps.

       Note: The moreAmps into the battery the better.

       Modern MPPT Solar Charge Controllers arevery efficient, around 93 – 97% energy conversion. In the wintermonths, you get from 20 – 45% power gain and in summeraround 10 – 15%. This varies depending on factors such as temperature,weather, battery state, and other variables.

       Many inverters for Grid-Tied and Hybridsystems now have integrated MPPT, the efficiency for these are around 94 – 97% making them ideal for easyinstallation and price.


·         Increase in charge efficiency, up to30%

·        They can handle a higher array voltage than that of thebattery bank

·        Sizes up to 120 Amps available

·        Longer warranties than PWM units

·        Flexible for system growth


·        More expensive than pwm charge controller

·        Larger physical units