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Troubleshooting of MPPT Solar Controller APP

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:356 Editor in charge:OLYS Release date:2019-12-19

       Some customers sometimes found that the MPPT solar controller APP could not be connected during use, please follow the following steps to check.

       一.Unable to download APP installation files.
1.Android version: scanning APP QR code from the usermanual by your mobile phone. If you cannot access it properly (some country andareas may not be able to access the Chinese website), you can contact theseller and asking them send you the APP installation file(.APK format) directly,it will working after you copy installation file to the mobile phone.
2.IOS version: scanning APP QR code from the user manualby your mobile phone. or go to Apple APP store, searching for "solarregulator" for download.

       二. Failed to install APP.
1.Android version: make sure the phone Android version 5.0or above.
2.IOS version: make sure apple version 5 or above.

       三. Phone could not pairing to theBluetooth controller.
1.Make sure your phone Bluetooth is on.
2.Make sure the controller is in a normal working state,at least the battery needs to be connected.
3.You need to click the “search device “button to add adevice.
4.You need to keep the Bluetooth antenna installed in yourcontroller, and ensure that the distance between phone and controller arewithin 10 meters.
5.The controller cannot be installed in a metal shieldedarea
6.Only one phone can pairing to a Bluetooth device at onetime, other phones must exit APP, and disconnect Bluetooth.
7.After clicking the “search device” button, it may need secondstime to show up “solar regulator”.
8.You need click the device name "Solarregulator" to start working.
9.Some phones may need to try several times before successconnection.