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How many kinds of solar charge controller

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:643 Editor in charge:OLYS factory Release date:2017-11-23

How many kinds of solar charge controller

There are several  solar charge controller? Facing many different solar charge controller, some users do not understand, are battery charge and discharge controller, why so many different models. Solar Charge Controller here to use the occasion, charging mode, the display to be a description:

First: the use of the occasion

Controller for solar home system We call solar system controller, this kind of controller is just a pure battery charging and discharging function.

Solar street lamp controller used in solar street light controller, this type of controller in addition to battery charging and discharging functions, but also has light control, time control function. Convenient at night automatically light, off lights.

Second: solar controller charging method

According to the solar controller charging method is different, we divided into PWM charging controller and MPPT solar charging controller. Compared to MPPT controller more efficient, up to 30% increase in efficiency.

Three: different display

For the display of the working status of the controller is different, we can be divided into LED display controller and LCD display solar charge controller. LCD digital display solar panel charging current, voltage, battery voltage status, more straightforward, clear.

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