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Solar Charge Controller shows what parameters

Article source:www.olyssolar Popularity:754 Editor in charge:solar charger Release date:2017-11-22

Solar Charge Controller shows what parameters

Solar Charge Controller work status display is divided into two kinds, one isthrough the LED display, you can generally know the controller's charge status, the battery charge about how much, divided into three files, 75%, 50% and 10% If you want to see more accurate figures, you have to choose Olympus technology with LCD display solar charge controller.

With LCD display solar charge controller which usually shows what technical parameters, there are the following:

1, solar panel charging voltage

2, the charging current of solar panels

3, the battery capacity

4, the battery voltage

5, battery temperature

6, solar panel power (that is, how much charge)

7, the load current

8, the load of electricity (that is, how much electricity is used)

Different types of technical parameters show a slight difference between the categories, detailed instructions can refer to the above have a detailed description of the introduction.

Through the LCD display of values to understand the working status of the entire solar system, intuitive, but also for the user to determine whether the solar system to provide a scientific basis for normal work.

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