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The function of solar regulator

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:135 Editor in charge:OLYS Release date:2019-11-06

       The main function of the solar regulator is to protect the battery in our off  grid system. A quality solar regulator has multiple protection functions.

       1, Battery overpressure protection

When the battery's voltage reaches the overvoltage point, the solar regulator will automatically stop charging the battery with large current to prevent the battery from overcharging and damage.

       2, Battery overtemperature protection function

The controller detects the temperature of the battery through the temperature sensor. If the temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the controller will stop charging the battery. Automatic recovery below 55°.

       3. Lightning protection

The solar controller has lightning protection function. In areas with frequent lightning, it is recommended to install external lightning rod.

       4, Battery overdischarge protection

When the battery voltage reaches the low voltage, the controller specifies the battery to stop discharging.When the recovery voltage is reached, the controller works automatically.

       5. Overload protection of load

If the load current exceeds the rated current of the controller, the controller will automatically alarm, and when you reduce the power of the load, the solar controller will automatically return to work.