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Common Faults of Solar Panel Controller

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:167 Editor in charge:OLYS Release date:2019-10-23

       The common faults of off-grid solar panel controller are mainly divided into no charging, charging current is too small, battery power consumption is fast, load can not work, the following specific problems to do some analysis.

       Solar panels do not charge batteries.

1. Make sure the solar panel is connected correctly and whether the positive and negative poles are connected or not.

2.  Whether the solar panels are obscured.

3. Whether the specification of the solar panel is correct. the open circuit voltage meets the requirements of the controller.

4. The power of solar panels does not exceed the customization of the charge controller. too much power may cause the controller to burn out.

5. the battery is full or not, if the battery charging is  floating  phase, and the charging current will become very small.

       The battery capacity was not enough and soon ran out of power.

1. Whether the battery capacity design is reasonable, the capacity is too small, the use time is naturally short.

2. When the battery is aging, the service life of the battery is generally 2-3 years. The capacity of the battery attenuates greatly, so the battery needs to be replaced regularly.

3. Whether the battery has a short circuit in the process of installation. the capacity of the battery with short circuit damage is much reduced.

4.Load power exceeds design requirements

       Load does not work

1. Verify that the working voltage of the load is consistent with the output voltage of the controller.

2. Is there a short circuit and overload in the load?

3.  Has the controller load output been turned off manually.

4. Whether the battery voltage is too low or too high causes the solar controller load protection.

5. Is there a delay setting for the load output (solar street lamp controller)