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Analyze the Factors of Solar Controller Price

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:129 Editor in charge:OLYS Release date:2019-09-27

       There are many different kinds of solar charge controllers on the market with different prices, and customers can't figure out why the prices of the same products vary so much. Let me give you an analysis of the factors that affect the price of solar controller.

       1、The power of the controller

The price of the 10A and 60A controllers must be different, because the 10A controller just connect up to 150W solar panel while the 60A controller can connect 1000W solar panel at 12 voltage system.

       2、The voltage of the controller

Some controllers only work with 12V batteries, some suit for 24V/48V batteries,higher voltage controllers are more expensive

than low voltage.

       3、Charging technology

The charging efficiency of MPPT controller is about 20% higher than the PWM controller, so its price is 3 or 4 times higher than PWM controller.

       4、Internal components

The precision of electronic components and brand determine the life of the controller. High-quality components can ensure controller'quality.