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What is the perfect RV solar controller

Article source:www.olyssolar.com Popularity:204 Editor in charge:OLYS Release date:2019-09-06

      RV solar controller uses for RV solar charge,which has two Special features.One is to be able to charge 2 channels,the others is with MPPT function.What is the perfect RV solar controller?

I think that has the following characteristics.

1.It is suitable for both 12 voltage and 24 voltage.

2.The solar charge controller can increase more charging current efficiency than conventional controllers, due to ultramodern MPPT control technology

3.It has bluetooth function and Phone APP display controller parameters.

4.Overcharge protection,it is reduction of the charging current of the battery in case of excessive solar power and full battery. Immediate recharging in case of power consumption to ensure still the best possible charging state of the battery.

5.Connection for temperature sensor is an accessorie, automatic adaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature. In case of low outside temperatures, full charging of the weaker battery is improved, and in case of summery temperatures unnecessary battery gassing will be avoided. This is highly recommended, if the battery is exposed to strong variations in temperature, such as in the motor compartment.