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Solar kits

Top sale solar kits in China

Solar kits is not only environmentally friendly, but also to save money and make money, as many families essential supplies. Photovoltaic power generation design life of 25 years, if you want to make photovoltaic power generation benefits to achieve better, longer life expectancy, good post-maintenance must not be ignored, the family's power station maintenance is relatively simple, today for everyone under the system Family photovoltaic power plant maintenance methods.

MPPT controller

MPPT Charge Controller, Can Be Used for Lithium Batteries?

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to extract maximum power from the solar array. The tracking algorithm is fully automatic and does not require user adjustment. MPPT technology tracks the array maximum power point as it varies with weather conditions, ensuring that maximum power is harvested from the array throughout the course of the day.

Solar light controller

The Differents Between Solar Light Controller and Solar System Controller

Both solar street lamps and off-grid systems require a solar controller,because the solar charge controller can protect battaries and prevent the battery overcharging or over discharging.Today I'd like to talk about the differents between solar light controller and solar system controller

OLYS Company news

Impact of New Coronavirus Pneumonia on Photovoltaic Industry

In terms of supply-side impact, there are the following larger impacts: 1. In addition to the direct impact of the shutdown, logistics is the biggest problem in the industry due to many high-speed road closures. The most serious of these is the component material link. Junction boxes and aluminum frames are the most stressful sections at this stage.

Solar charge controller

New Solar Panel Controller Introduce

A solar charge controller is a small box consisting of solid state circuitry that is placed between a solar panel and a battery. Its function is to regulate the amount of charge coming from the solar module that flows into the deep cycle battery bank in order to avoid the batteries being overcharged. A solar panel controller can also provide a direct connection to appliances, while continuing to recharge the battery.