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OLYS Company news

RV Solar Controller with APP Shines the European Market

rv solar controller is the special controller,which can charge two way batteries at same time.Because RV'roof is limited area,solar controllers are required to maximize efficiency.OLYS's rv solar controller uses the latest MPPT charging technology,efficiency can be increased by 20%.It also has a display screen and a temperature control wire.Users can intuitively see the working state of the system.

Solar kits

Top sale solar kits in China

Solar kits is not only environmentally friendly, but also to save money and make money, as many families essential supplies. Photovoltaic power generation design life of 25 years, if you want to make photovoltaic power generation benefits to achieve better, longer life expectancy, good post-maintenance must not be ignored, the family's power station maintenance is relatively simple, today for everyone under the system Family photovoltaic power plant maintenance methods.

MPPT controller

Which Solar Panel We Should Choose?

Driving RV visiting around the world is a fashion in the middle class.Electricity is the important thing in the course of the journey by RV.If the car doesn't have enough electricity,the engine doesn't start and you will miss lots of views,because you must charge in the RV camp.Now,most people pull panel up the top of RV,they can charge batteries during driving or long parking.It is convenient and practical.

Solar light controller

The Solution of Solar Street Lamp Can Not Work

The newly installed solar street lamp can not normally work within half a year.Repairmen wondered why the solar lamp had such a short lifespan and whether it was broken. I think the solar lamp can not normally work, you can analyze the reasons from the following aspects, and then find the corresponding solutions.

Solar charge controller

Use of Solar Charge Controllers

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular and it's widely used in various fields.Today I'd like to talk about some specific areas of application.