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Battery chargers

Battery-To-Battery (DC-DC) Chargers Advantages

Battery-To-Battery chargers (also commonly know as DC-DC chargers) allow you to charge an auxiliary / leisure battery from your alternator whilst driving. They are installed in-line between the positive terminals of two batteries (one of which is connected to an alternator, typically a starter battery) and offer several benefits when compared with traditional split charge systems that utilise a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) or heavy-duty, alternator-triggered relay.

MPPT controller

What Is the Difference? PWM and MPPT Controller

A PWM Controller is, in essence, like an electric switch between the solar panels and the battery. They are effective in slowly lowering the amount of power going to your batteries as they get closer to fully charged, thus keeping them at a fully charged state while eliminating the stress on your batteries.

Solar light controller

The Differents Between Solar Light Controller and Solar System Controller

Both solar street lamps and off-grid systems require a solar controller,because the solar charge controller can protect battaries and prevent the battery overcharging or over discharging.Today I'd like to talk about the differents between solar light controller and solar system controller

OLYS Company news

What Size Solar Panel Do I Need?

Suppose you have a 100W solar panel。The panel will generate approximately 3,500 watts hours of energy per week (100 watts x 7 days x 5 hours), which can be used to run a number of appliances and electrical devices.

Solar charge controller

What Is A Charge Controller and Why Do I Need One?

If you are dipping your feet into the solar waters you may be overwhelmed by the number of components which make up a solar PV system and be unsure of how to choose those specific components to put together the best system for your home and your specific needs. Because a charge controller enables you to monitor battery charging, thus avoiding over or under-charging, then if you are planning an on-grid system, you won't need a controller.