Impact of New Coronavirus Pneumonia on Photovoltaic Industry

Impact of New Coronavirus Pneumonia on Photovoltaic Industry

Release Time:2020-03-02

       In terms ofsupply-side impact, there are the following larger impacts:

       1. In additionto the direct impact of the shutdown, logistics is the biggest problem in theindustry due to many high-speed road closures. The most serious of these is thecomponent material link. Junction boxes and aluminum frames are the moststressful sections at this stage.

       2. Due to theimpact of the epidemic, not only the workers' rework situation may not be asgood as expected, some areas need to be quarantined for 7-14 days afterarrival, making the operating rate of manufacturers slow to climb. It isexpected that until the end of February, most of the first-line componentmanufacturers' operating rates are only between 40% and 80%.

       3. Due to thedelay of the official start time, the manufacturers will not be able to recoverthe funds before 2/10. Smaller manufacturers and manufacturers with originalfunding constraints will encounter financial difficulties one after another.

       Fortunately, theSuzhou and Shanghai Municipal Governments have successively introduced supportpolicies in order to help enterprises affected by the epidemic to overcomedifficulties. After taking the lead in Shanghai and Suzhou, local governmentsmay also provide support to help companies reduce the impact of the epidemic.

       OLYS  technology began to resume work on February19, 2020, and all the employees arrived. The orders of solar panel regulator placed by the customer the year before last were delivered on time according tothe delivery date of the customer, so it had little impact on us.