Calculation of PV system configuration parameters

Load parameters

Load power W  Load every day when working  Hour

Light parameters

Where the area is Average sunshine time  Hour latitude Best installation angle

Battery parameters

Battery voltage  V Load requirements for continuous rainy days  day Rainy days apart the number of days  day Discharge depth  %

Configuration requirements

Battery power       W Daily consumption of electricity    degree    AH

Battery capacity    AH Battery    Day can be filled, Sustainable work                                     day

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After-sales service instructions

After-sale protection

Shenzhen olins technology co., LTD., founded in 2005, more than a decade focused on solar photovoltaic controller, inverter and other pv application products research and development and manufacturing, has become the industry's leading off-grid photovoltaic controller and a complete set of solutions provider; Company attaches great importance to the customer service work, depending on the customer service for the life of the company, and vigorously to do a good job of customer service. To do a good job of customer service, the company is equipped with a professional service team, set up perfect efficient pre-sale consulting, after-sales service system design, according to the actual situation of the needs of customers, we provide customers with quality and efficient pre-sales, after-sales service. Shu xin ensure customer before buy rest assured that the purchase process, after buying peace of mind. The company's service system take the customer as the center, try to ensure that service zero delay response, the company's goal is to make customers trust companies, guarantee the customer problem rates were 100%, 99.8% customer satisfaction. The company established a perfect after-sale service system, make the orderly control of the entire service.

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