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  • Address:5 floor, B building of Sheng De Industrial Park,Lang Kou, Da Lang, Long Hua New district, Shenzhen City, China

OLYS Company news

Home system is selected polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon----Shenzhen OLYS technology

After choose solar charge controller , many people confused to select polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon. So there are some data give you reference , then you will have answer in your heart.

Solar charge controller question

Dual charging solar controller functional introduction

Solar controller called solar charge and discharge controller, is to control the multi-channel solar battery array charge and discharge management of equipment, but also the solar power generation system, the core of a component. Olys has developed a dual-charged solar controller

MPPT controller question

MPPT solar RV regulator for mass production began

Starting from the client's request that we develop a market-competitive MPPT RV regulator, the technical department begins technical analysis and develops a product development plan. It starts with the working principle, circuit design, component selection, mold development, Prototype continuous full power test, no size. After half a year's time, we have finally completed all preparations before mass production and are now officially mass-produced

Solar light controller question

solar light controller built-in driver 12 voltage

Integrated solar street light, is solar light controller built-in driver, and the solar panels will be highly efficient solar panels, 8-year long life lithium battery, high efficiency LED and solar street light controller, PIR body sensors, anti-theft mounting bracket, such as one integrated solar street light.

Solar kits question

Portable solar kits generator

Having a portable solar kits power generator kits is a must have if you’re an avid camper and outdoor person, or there is lack of power in your area, in your home , you garden , your boats , and any where you want use electronic. Solar power is free for the taking and best of all very good for the environment. Building your own solar power kits using solar panels may seem difficult; however knowing what materials you need it can be a fun DIY project that can save you money.Depending on where you get these supplies you will need wiring, connectors, fuse holders, switches, inverter or charge controller, 12 volt battery and storage container to complete your build.If you want to change the power to AC that you should use inverter , and if you want creat a off grid system you should choose solar charge controller.Just building a basic portable solar power generate is great for having some power in an emergency situation or when the power goes out.